Ethical Hacking Workshop

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Day 1: Introduction of Ethical Hacking
Introduction of Hacking
  • Introduction of Ethical Hacking
  • Scope of Ethical Hacking
  • Phases of Hacking
Day 2: Setup Hacking Lab
Setup Hackig Lab
  • Overview of Hacking machine and tools
  • Setup Hacking Machine
  • Setup Target Machine
Day 3: Basic Kali Linux
Basic Kali Linux
  • Overview of Kali Linux
  • Basic Commands of Kali Linux
  • SSH Service 
  • apache2 service
Day 4: Information Gathering
Information Gathering
  • Basic Overview of Footprinting
  • Server Lookup
  • Whois lookup
  • Subdomain Scanning
  • Hidden Directory Scanning
  • Ports & Service Scanning
  • Banner Grabbing
  • Enumeration
  • PGP Information
  • Server Vulnerability Scanning
Day 5: Wifi Hacking
Wifi Hacking
  • Wifi Penetration Testing
  • Wifi Hacking – Information Gathering
  • Wifi Hacking – Target Specification
  • Wifi Hacking – Deauthentication Attack
  • Wifi Hacking – Keys Cracking
Day 6: Social Engineering
Social Media Hacking
  • Overview of Social Engineering
  • Facebook Phsihing
  • Instagram Phishing
  • Automated Phishing Toolkit
  • Manual Phishing Technique
  • Phishing Hosting

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