Ethical Hacker Salary in India, USA & Canada

Ethical Hacking

Ethical Hacker Salary in India, USA & Canada

Ethical Hacker Salary in India, USA & Canada

As we know that Digitalisation is increasing day by day, that’s good for career opportunities in the IT field But Cyber crimes increasing day by day So the reason Ethical hacker & Cyber security is the most Demanding Course right now today. we talk about Ethical Hacker Salary in India, USA & Canada. The highest salary for an Ethical Hacker in Canada is CA$1,28,193 per year But What’s is the lowest salary for an Ethical Hacker in Canada? The lowest salary for an Ethical Hacker in Canada is CA$56,332 per year.

Why is the Ethical Hacker salary high in India, USA & Canada?

Ethical hackers ensure that a company remains safe from any form of data breaches because they install and incorporate the appropriate safety infrastructure, measures, and technologies to prevent system breach or violation.

The looming threat of cybercrimes is ever prevalent today. According to the Government of India, Because cyber attacks in India rise by 300% in 2023 Be it small businesses or large corporations, government agencies or private companies – nobody is safe from hackers A single data breach can result in a staggering financial loss for an organization. When it comes to national security issues, the Indian government has to pay special attention to fortify the cybersecurity infrastructure.

Just a few months ago, the data of 2 crores Bigbasket users, a popular grocery delivery platform, was compromised. Similarly, unknown hackers made a ransomware attack on Haldiram and demanded $7,50,000 from the namkeen manufacturer.

Ethical hacker salary in India is pretty high.

These stats and instances show how crucial it is for organizations of all shapes and sizes to invest in cybersecurity and hire the right professionals for it Since cybersecurity is a complex and highly specialized field, the average ethical hacker salary in India is pretty high. Another reason why ethical hackers’ salary is high is that there’s a lack of talent in this domain. Even though there’s a huge demand for ethical hackers and cybersecurity professionals in India, the supply is quite limited. Hence, companies pay handsomely for these roles to attract the best talent. 

Many companies have started adopting cloud computing technologies to store their data. While cloud computing solutions promise efficiency, speed, and reduced costs to their users, they make the data more vulnerable to ransomware and malware attacks. This has also caused an uptick in demand for ethical hackers. Global spending on cybersecurity is also expected to exceed $2 trillion by 2023.

Ethical Hacking Career Opportunities, Salaries, and Progression Whose Factors Affecting Ethical Hacker Salary in India

The reason why the salary range of ethical hackers in India varies greatly is due to multiple factors. However, out of those numerous factors, the most notable ones are:

  • Job Location (the city you work in).
  • Your Experience (how many years you have spent in the industry).
  • Skills (your expertise in the trade).
  • Employer (which company you work for)
  • Job role
  • Understanding these factors can help you in determining how much you can expect to earn from this role. Moreover, you can use this information to plan your career more effectively. 

In the following points, we’ll discuss these four factors in more detail:


Different organizations give offer different salaries to ethical hacker Because Companies that provide some of the best salaries to ethical hackers are HCL Technologies and Tata Consultancy Services. The pay of ethical hackers at Tata Consultancy Services ranges from INR 10 lakh per annum to INR 25 lakh per annum. 

You should choose your employer carefully in this field. We recommend doing thorough research on different organizations before selecting a particular company. 


The city you work in plays a huge role in determining how much you’ll make as an ethical hacker. 

Pay for ethical hackers varies from city to city That’s because the cost of living is different for every city. Living in a metro city would be more expensive than a non-metro city. Moreover, a city’s work environment and culture also influence the average pay offered in that place.

Cities that offer the best pay to ethical hackers in India are:

  • Hyderabad (49% more than the average)
  • Delhi (19% more than the average)
  • Kolkata (19% more than the average)
  • Jaipur (50% more than the average)

Similarly, some cities offer below-average pay to ethical hackers in India. These cities include:

  • Pune (21% less than the average)
  • Mumbai (21% less than the average)
  • Bangalore (10% less than the average)


Another notable factor that affects your ethical hacker salary in India is the amount of experience you have as a professional.

Generally, as you gain more experience in the field, the higher your pay will be. Entry-level and early-career ethical hackers earn 2% and 5% less than the average, whereas late-career ethical hackers make 447% more than the average.

Ethical hackers with less than a year’s experience earn INR 6 lakh per annum on average in India. Those with five to nine years of professional experience in this field make INR 10 lakh per annum on average. 

On the other hand, ethical hackers with 10 to 19 years of professional experience earn INR 30 lakh per annum on average But You should keep in mind that you can get promoted to senior roles in your organization that pay much higher salaries with experience. 


Your knowledge of this field and your technical expertise will help you greatly in attracting higher pay as an ethical hacker Because Developing the most in-demand skills is the best way to command high-pay as a professional. 

You should focus on seeing which skills are popular in this field and which skills offer the best pay In terms of popularity because the most popular skills among ethical hackers are cybersecurity, Linux, network security management, and IT security & infrastructure. 

Alternatively, the most financially beneficial skill for ethical hackers is network management as it offers 59% higher than average pay. Other skills that offer above-average pay to ethical hackers are computer security and IT security & infrastructure – each of them offers 9% higher than average pay. 

Job Roles

Ethical hacking is a branch of cybersecurity. There are a plethora of career opportunities in this field. Following are some of the most lucrative job roles you can pursue in this field

What is the average ethical hacker salary in India?

The average network security engineer salary in India is INR 6 lakh per annum But Pay for this field starts from INR 3 lakh per annum and goes up to INR 10 lakh per annum. Because Notable skills in this field are security policies and procedures, WAF (Web App Firewall), and IT security & infrastructure.

1. Ethical Hacker

An ethical hacker tests the digital security implementations of an organization to identify its weaknesses and suggest improvements accordingly Because They are experts who can penetrate networks to find security vulnerabilities. Black-hat hackers exploit these vulnerabilities to breach an organization’s cybersecurity system. Hence, ethical hackers regularly check the company’s network security systems to identify vulnerable areas and fix them.

They also train the organization’s staff about the best security practices and standards. 

2. Network Security Engineer

A network security engineer handles and manages the overall technology stack of an organization. Network security engineers provision, deploy, configure, and administer the various network and security-related hardware and software of a company. 

They maintain firewalls, web security programs, virtual private networks, etc. They also support the code environment to protect switches, servers, and the organization’s IT infrastructure. 

3. Cyber Security Analyst

A cybersecurity analyst is responsible for protecting an organization from cyber threats. They do so by using various processes and technologies that detect and prevent these threats. 

Cybersecurity analysts are responsible for testing their organization’s security implementations to determine how well they perform against real threats but they work with other cybersecurity professionals to help strengthen their company’s defenses against hackers and malware.

Ethical Hacker Salary in India and Countries (UK & USA)

Apart from India, the demand for ethical hackers is significantly high all across the globe But Organizations everywhere realize the importance of cybersecurity implementations and want to protect themselves from the dangers of hackers and malware.

Ethical Hacker salary in the US

The average ethical hacking salary in the US is $93,566 and Popular employers for ethical hackers in the US include Booz, Allen and Hamilton, Lockheed Martin Corp, US Army, and Northrop Grumman Corporation. 

Ethical Hacker salary in the UK

In the UK, the average ethical hacking salary is £44,525 per annum Because Prominent employers for ethical hackers in the UK include BT Group, Claranet, Barclays Bank PLC, CGI Group Inc, etc. 

How to become an Ethical Hacker?

By now, it’s clear to you that ethical hackers are the front-line defence of any organization against cyber threats Because An ethical hacker must be well-versed with cryptography, computer networks, and the basics of Internet security.

If you’re interested in pursuing a career in this field but you should take a cybersecurity course. Taking a cybersecurity course will help you because learn all the required concepts through a structured curriculum in a stepwise manner. 

At upGrad, we offer the following two cybersecurity courses:

DICS Programme Diploma In Cyber Security – Specialization in Cyber Security

This is a 12-month long online program we offer with Cyber Yodha. Because The program offers you live classes & Practical season and 7+ case studies and projects and You will learn about software engineering, information security, network security, and many other crucial subjects of cybersecurity. 

Advanced Diploma in Cyber Security 

It’s an online program that lasts for 1.5 Years only because that is to say You will get Live & Practical season in this program with all of our exclusive benefits and You will learn about network security in ethical hacking, application security in ethical hacking, and plenty of other related concepts. 

Both of these courses allow you to study directly from the industry through live sessions, and assignments. The projects allow you to test your knowledge of the subjects you learn during these problems and see how much you have learnt. 

What are the Different Roles you can get as an Entry-Level Ethical Hacker? 

There are many roles that you can get as you start out and the most require that you’ll have to fulfill is to have general IT knowledge and experience Once you’ve understood the theoretical bits, you can implement that to understand how to protect knowledge in practice. Here are some of the jobs you can get:

  1. Web administrator
  2. IT technician
  3. Database administrator
  4. Security administrator
  5. Web developer

Now, although these jobs don’t directly have “ethical hacker” or “cybersecurity” in the job description, there is a very definite option to graduate into those roles from these more basic positions. All you’ll need to do is take up a cybersecurity course online – and from there, everything can get sorted for you, in terms of having precedence for a cybersecurity job role!

For these entry-level positions, you can earn an average of INR 3 lacs per annum, and it can go up to INR 5 per annum as well!

From here on out, it gets much more lucrative from a strictly financial perspective. Moreover, the quality of work also gets more engaging and you can end up expressing yourself in a much more satisfying manner as well. Your best bet will be to consider some certifications that will take up specific management issues, thus making your contributions to any role that much more helpful.

The Next Step: Ethical Hacking

Once you’ve completed the required certifications, you can take a look at ethical hacking as a full-time job option. As an ethical hacker – or a penetration tester, testing how deep the security of the network penetrates into the network – you will be looking at the various weak spots that can exist in a particular network. You will basically be simulating actual cyber-attacks so that you know which part of the network is the most vulnerable and to which part of your attack.

The median salary for an ethical hacker is around INR 5 LPA and With up to 3-5 years of experience because it can go up to INR 10 to 15 LPA as well. The job of an ethical hacker includes penetration testing on all parts of extant networks to make sure that they can handle performance stress tests. They also have to make sure that they can communicate their research to other teams in the same organization so that they can improve upon the network’s faults, especially when it comes to existing security holes.

Once they have understood which specific vulnerabilities get triggered through which attacks, their task becomes to make sure that there are newer, more improved tests to make sure that the network can continue to be protected.

Once you have spent some time trying to contend with various networks and how well they can hold up under specific stresses of cyber attacks, you can move onwards to make sense of the entirety of the security architecture that encompasses the network all around. The easiest way to reach the next step is to take certain online certifications that will significantly bolster your resume and make you a strong contender for the role of a security architect. And you can read all about it below!

The Next Step: Security Architecture

Once you’ve figured out the basics of IT security and ethical hacking, the next logical step is to work your way towards understanding security architecture as a whole. Here, you can contend with how larger structures operate and how they impact every little aspect of the way things function within them.

Security architecture is largely concerned with how a security network functions within an organization. So, a security architect looks at how the overall structure is designed and how it is built and how it is implemented. Their primary task is to protect against intrusive malware or viruses, or other kinds of attacks.

As a security architect, you can earn a significant amount of money when it comes to having a job that involves security architecture. Typically, you’d need at least 7 to 10 years of experience in the security field to reach this position, and once you’ve reached this level of experience, this job will not only make sense but also offer itself a great opportunity for you.

The base salary for a security architect is around 19.8 LPA and can go as high up as 30 LPA! So, needless to say, it is a monetarily lucrative position, and it will even satisfy you in terms of what you will have to do on a daily basis. 

As a security architect, your job will include designing security systems that can serve across a huge range of IT projects. You will also have to understand what kinds of requirements are relevant when it comes to certain networks or network devices, and undertake risk analysis as well as perform vulnerability testing on all kinds of networks. In addition to this, you’ll also have to implement the best systems and practices for all the networks under your jurisdiction.  

The Last Step: Chief Information Security Officer

After you’ve worked your way through the earlier levels, you’ll reach a stage when you have a thorough understanding of security networks and processes, how these structures are constructed and how to build them on your own. At this point, your natural tendency will be to want to do more of the same, in as far and wide a range as possible.

And this is exactly what the role of the Chief Information Security Officer will allow you to achieve! As the “Chief” title may give away, there is a lot at stake here, and a lot to gain as a result. Let’s take a quick look at what this role consists of, and how you’ll have to wrap your head around it!

Well, at a basic level, you’ll have to handle and oversee all of the security initiatives in your company, and make sure that everything is always on point when it comes to tactical protection from threats, as well as to make sure that there are no open vulnerabilities on your part either. This role provides a certain degree of freedom in terms of how you have to operate on a daily basis.

As long as you get the results that the company requires, you have full control over how you set up your daily operations and how you delegate work to others. In the role of this responsibility, you will be reporting to either the Chief Information Officer or the Chief Executive Officer.

Average Salary In MNC Company

To reach this level, you will already have to have spent over a decade in the IT industry as a security specialist before you can be eligible. The more time that you spend dealing with security teams and overall security ops, the more the dice will be in your favour. The average salary of a CISO is 23 LPA, and it can go as high up as 55 LPA, or even more!

As a CISO, your daily job role will involve you in managing IT security levels of all expertise and skill levels. You will also have to work closely with corporate stakeholders to understand their requirements when it comes to the security front, as well as creating plans for utilizing information security technologies to the best of their capabilities.

Corporate security will of course be a great part of your job role, you will also have to step in whenever there’s a possible data breach or vulnerability being exposed, and you will need to know exactly which steps to take to make sure that things go well from that point onwards. Overall, this is no doubt going to be a very demanding role – but if you know exactly what you want from your work, and you can do that work well, this will be a very enjoyable role for you!


If you’ve read through this entire article then there’s a really high chance that the security bug has bitten you and you want to do your best to make sure that all your security systems are on the correct track. And why not, what good is an ethical hacker if they can’t secure their own systems?

But other than that, you’ve also understood that ethical hacking is a very lucrative field, with a lot of growth opportunities – both in terms of work and in terms of money. So get started on your path to becoming an ethical hacker today, and don’t look back! The quicker you start, the sooner you’ll reach the zenith of your career!

If you want to pursue this profession, Cyber Yodha can help you with an Executive DICS Diploma in Cyber Security, ADIT Advance Diploma In Cyber Security Software Development Specialization in Cyber Security. The course offers specialization in application security, cryptography, data secrecy, and network security.

1. Ethical Hacker Salary in the USA

Average CEH Salary: $90K

Average Salary by Skill/Specialty

Ethical Hacker Salary in USA

Top Employers/Companies Hiring

  • Booz, Allen, and Hamilton  $67,470 – $101,389
  • U.S. Army $32,133 – $86,327
  • U.S. Air Force (USAF)  $49,029 – $81,490
  • General Dynamics Information Technology Inc  $59,045 – $104,805
  • Lockheed Martin Corp $69,043 – $113,000
  • Washington, District of Columbia $67,000 – $126,121
  • New York, New York $50,143 – $124,608
  • San Antonio, Texas $51,456 – $90,999
  • Atlanta, Georgia $49,550 – $110,936
  • San Diego, California $76,754 – $121,694

Years of Experience

  • Less than 1 year 3%
  • 1-4 years 30%
  • 5-9 years 27%
  • 10-19 years 30%
  • 20 years or more 9%


  • Female: 8 %   $54,767 – $103,344
  • Male: 92 %    $56,169 – $115,246

2. Ethical Hacker Salary in India

Average CEH Salary: Rs 599K

Average Salary by Skill/Specialty

Ethical Hacker Salary in India

Top Employers/Companies Hiring

  • Paladion Networks Rs 214,551 – Rs 509,714
  • Wipro Technologies Ltd. Rs 101,980 – Rs 800,000
  • Tata Consultancy Services Limited Rs 350,874 – Rs 630,000
  • EY (Ernst & Young) Rs 316,266 – Rs 752,553
  • InfoSys Limited Rs 121,641 – Rs 910,630
  • Bangalore, Karnataka Rs 256,635 – Rs 1,133,880
  • Mumbai, Maharashtra Rs 218,305 – Rs 1,072,867
  • Chennai, Tamil Nadu Rs 241,957 – Rs 913,540
  • Pune, Maharashtra Rs 254,028 – Rs 1,043,389
  • Hyderabad, Andhra Pradesh Rs 236,718 – Rs 982,635

Years of Experience

  • Less than 1 year 15%
  • 1-4 years 48%
  • 5-9 years 23%
  • 10-19 years 13%
  • 20 years or more 1%


  • Female:  6% Rs 292,954 – Rs 1,012,125
  • Male: 94%    Rs 254,342 – Rs 1,160,171
Salary satisfaction survey in India

3. Ethical Hacker salary in Canada

Average CEH Salary: C$73K

Average Salary by Skill/Specialty

Ethical Hacker Salary in Canada

Top Employers/Companies Hiring

  • PricewaterhouseCoopers C$67,000
  • RBC Bank C$69,490
  • Rogers Communications Inc. C$70,829
  • Toronto, Ontario C$50,147 – C$97,732
  • Montréal, Québec C$51,500 – C$88,000
  • Moncton, New Brunswick C$108,000
  • Ottawa, Ontario C$70,000
  • Vancouver, British Columbia C$84,000

Years of Experience

  • Less than 1 year 7%
  • 1-4 years 36%
  • 5-9 years 21%
  • 10-19 years 27%
  • 20 years or more 9%


  • Female:  8% C$47,500 – C$82,500
  • Male: 92%    C$49,316 – C$95,478

4. Ethical Hacker salary in Australia

Average CEH Salary: AU$101K

Average Salary by Skill/Specialty

Ethical Hacker Salary in Australia

Top Employers/Companies Hiring

  • EY (Ernst & Young) AU$125,000
  • Deloitte AU$143,364
  • The Chemist Warehouse AU$55,000
  • Sydney, New South Wales AU$55,284 – AU$133,346
  • Melbourne, Victoria AU$53,327 – AU$145,216

Years of Experience

  • Less than 1 year 2%
  • 1-4 years 36%
  • 5-9 years 30%
  • 10-19 years 27%
  • 20 years or more 4%


  • Female:  10% AU$62,600 – AU$95,000
  • Male: 90%    AU$55,369 – AU$136,857

4. Ethical Hacker Salary in Singapore

Average CEH Salary: S$67K

Average Salary by Skill/Specialty

Ethical Hacker Salary in Singapore

Top Employers/Companies Hiring

  • E-cop S$57,718
  • Lazada Group S$112,565
  • Singapore S$26,093 – S$84,404

Years of Experience

  • Less than 1 year 6%
  • 1-4 years 30%
  • 5-9 years 29%
  • 10-19 years 26%


  • Female:  4% S$49,400
  • Male: 96%    S$26,128 – S$110,933

5. Ethical Hacker Salary in UAE

Average CEH Salary: AED 177K

Average Salary by Skill/Specialty

Ethical Hacker Salary in UAE

Top Employers/Companies hiring

  • Paladion Networks AED 166,268
  • Abu Dhabi Commercial Bank AED 450,000
  • Tata Consultancy Services Limited AED 115,800
  • Dubai AED 60,678 – AED 301,674
  • Abu Dhabi AED 52,586 – AED 305,209

Years of Experience

  • Less than 1 year 4%
  • 1-4 years 34%
  • 5-9 years 34%
  • 10-19 years 26%
  • 20 years or more 1%


  • Female:  5% AED 180,000
  • Male: 95%    AED 58,826 – AED 295,717


Considering the above ethical hacker salary trends, we can conclude that Ethical Hackers are highly paid and are in huge demand across the world. If the information provided so far has answered all your questions related to ethical hacking as a career choice, you can go ahead and begin your journey in cybersecurity. You can also leave a comment for adding or suggesting any relevant information related to ethical hacking.   

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