Mastering Social Engineering Tactics with PHP: Ethical Defense Strategies

Shivam Giri
Shivam Giri
Last Update May 27, 2024
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About This Course

Mastering Social Engineering Tactics with PHP: Ethical Defense Strategies sounds like a book or a course aimed at understanding social engineering techniques using PHP programming language and developing defensive strategies against them.

Social engineering involves manipulating people into performing actions or divulging confidential information. When combined with PHP, a popular server-side scripting language, it could refer to creating deceptive websites or applications to exploit human psychology for malicious purposes.

In the context of ethical defense strategies, the focus would likely be on understanding how these techniques work, recognizing signs of social engineering attacks, and implementing countermeasures to protect against them. This could involve educating users about common tactics, implementing security measures in PHP applications, and employing psychological principles to bolster defenses against manipulation attempts.

Overall, such a resource would likely be valuable for developers, security professionals, and anyone interested in understanding and defending against social engineering attacks in the context of web development and PHP programming.


18 Lessons

Introduction of PHP

Introduction of PHP. Why we use PHP?13:28
Installing PHP & Downloading XAMPP Server9:49
Create your first program in php | Echo Statement16:54

Core PHP

PHP Forms

PHP Advance

Social Engineering & Manipulation

Building Stealthy Trackers: Creating IP and User-Agent Loggers

Unmasking Facebook Deception: Phishing and Spear Phishing Tactics Explored

Unmasking Instagram Deception: Phishing and Spear Phishing Tactics Explored

Unmasking Netflix Deception: Phishing and Spear Phishing Tactics Explored

Crafting Deception: Developing an Email Spoofing Tool in PHP for Cybersecurity Exploration

Domain Deception: Unveiling Real-World Phishing Tactics

Real-World Attack Scenarios for Insights and Prevention

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Shivam Giri, the founder of Cyber Yodha, is a passionate entrepreneur and entertaining influencer. He is a staunch advocate for ethical hacking and cyber security measures. He is a strong supporter of ethical hacking and cyber security. He hopes to pass on his practical knowledge and skills in the field of information security. Shivam Giri is an ethical hacking educator who is extremely enthusiastic about his work. Students, job seekers, professionals, entrepreneurs, and others benefit from his instruction. They offer training and services both domestically and internationally.

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Thanks for the course

Gain practical skills to defend against cyber threats and understand human behavior like never before. Join Shivam Sir's class and master the art of social engineering essentials!


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18 lectures

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