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The contents of this course are not covered in any of my other courses except for some basics. Although website hacking is covered in one of my other courses, that course only covers the basics where this course dives much deeper in this topic covering more techniques, more vulnerabilities, advanced exploitation, advanced post exploitation, bypassing security and more!

Welcome to my this comprehensive course on Website penetration testing. In this course you’ll learn website / web applications hacking & Bug Bounty hunting! This course assumes you have NO prior knowledge in hacking, and by the end of it you’ll be at a high level, being able to hack & discover bugs in websites like black-hat hackers and secure them like security experts!

This course is highly practical but it won’t neglect the theory, first you’ll learn how to install the needed software (on Windows, Linux and Mac OS X) and then we’ll start with websites basics, the different components that make a website, the technologies used, and then we’ll dive into website hacking straight away. From here onwards you’ll learn everything by example, by discovering vulnerabilities and exploiting them to hack into websites, so we’ll never have any dry boring theoretical lectures.

Before jumping into hacking, you’ll first learn how to gather comprehensive information about the target website, then the course is divided into a number of sections, each section covers how to discover, exploit and mitigate a common web application vulnerability, for each vulnerability you will first learn the basic exploitation, then you will learn advanced techniques to bypass security, escalate your privilegesaccess the database, and even use the hacked websites to hack into other websites on the same server.

All of the vulnerabilities covered here are very common in bug bounty programs, and most of them are part of the OWASP top 10.

You will learn how and why these vulnerabilities are exploitable, how to fix them and what are the right practices to avoid causing them.


32 Lessons

Introduction of Web Application Penetration Testing

Introduction of Web Application6:33
Top 10 Owasp8:05

Setup environment for web application penetration testing

Preparation – Linux Basics

Information Gathering

Burpsuite – Penetration testing toolkit.

Cross Site Scripting Vulnerability

SQL Injection Vulnerability

File Upload Vulnerability

File Upload Vulnerability – Exploitation

URL Redirection Vulnerability

HTML Injection Vulnerability

File Inclusion Vulnerability

Command Injection Vulnerability

Source Code Disclosure

Server Side Request Forgery

Host Header Injection Vulnerability

Critical File Found Vulnerability

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